About BOMB

BOMB is the native token of the BOMB Money ecosystem and will power the BOMB Chain network.

Unlock huge potential with BOMB with strong tokenomics and multiple utilities.



BOMB is designed to maintain a 10,000:1 peg with Bitcoin meaning holders benefit from the upside of the world’s top cryptocurrency but with a host of additional benefits.

  • Strong tokenomics and multiple utilities means BOMB will always be in demand.
  • BOMB can only be minted on BNB Chain when it is above peg. New tokens are distributed to Bshare stakers via our Boardroom.
  • BOMB has a maximum supply of 250 million tokens, meaning once this number is reached it will likely exceed peg.

Although BOMB is the native token for BOMB Chain it began its journey on BNB Chain and therefore all tokens must originate from BNB Chain.  Tokens bridged to BOMB Chain will remain locked in a bridge contract meaning the total supply shown on BNB Chain will always be the accurate circulating supply.

For every BOMB token on BOMB Chain, there will be a BOMB token in the bridge contract on BNB chain.


Updated whitepaper coming soon!