peghub - advanced Defi protocols

PegHub is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem designed to provide great returns for investors of all crypto experience levels.


PEGHUB token

The PHUB token is the perfect investment for anyone that wants to share in the revenue of all of our protocols, both current and future. The limited supply and tokenomics offer unlimited price potential!

Total Supply: 10,000 PHUB

revenue sharing

All of the revenue from our protocols go directly into an automated smart contract which continually buys back PHUB tokens on the open market. This  offers  revenue  sharing for everyone holding  PHUB as the bought back tokens are distributed to PHUB stakers.  This is how  DeFi  is supposed to be!


Anyone who holds PHUB tokens also has a vote in any decisions that have to do with the ecosystem.


As if revenue sharing, governance, and an ultra-limited supply isn’t enough, you can also earn additional PHUB tokens simply by staking them in our auto-vaults.


As PegHub continues to expand to more blockchains, revenue from all future chains will also be shared among all PHUB token holders. The power and future potential earnings of simply holding the PHUB token is second to none!