BOMB Money Roadmap for the future

Our mission is to become the safest and largest staking protocol in the world by 2025.

We have a strong track record in DeFi for innovation and transparency. Our comprehensive strategy outlines how we’ll achieve our mission, with our roadmap shown below.


Q3 2022

Bomb Evolution NFT launch NFTs have incredible design features and strong utility.

Q3 2022 launch

Our expansion to Avalanche allowed us to offer a wider range of blue chip cryptos to earn high yields on.

Q3 2022 Launch

We'll expand our offering to the Polygon network providing our investors with even more choice.

Q4 2022

New chain launch 3

This will be yet another important expansion in our offering. As always, our community will decide which chain we launch on. 

Q1 2023

BOMB Chain & app launch

Our revolutionary mobile app will break down the barriers to entry for new investors and allow them to set up a Web3 wallet and start earning high yields on Bitcoin in less than 2 minutes. This will be powered by our own proof of delegated stake blockchain - BOMB Chain. 

Q1 2023

New chain launch 4*

A further expansion of our offering through launching on a new blockchain. 

Q2 2023

BOMB App release v0.2

We'll expand the assets users can earn great yields on and release a host of new, exciting features. 

Q2 2023

Ecosystem improvements

We'll continually evolve our ecosystem, providing new, innovative ways for investors to create wealth. This will include inviting builders to develop on BOMB Chain.