bomb chain

BOMB Chain is the custom-built blockchain developed by the BOMB Money team whose native token, BOMB, is pegged to Bitcoin – the first of its kind! 

The blockchain will power the BOMB Mobile App offering high yield fixed-term staking with full transparency and on-chain proof of all assets. 

Grants will also be available to encourage developers to build on BOMB Chain in Q3 2023. 


A powerful delegated proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism will secure the network


3 second blocks provide an ultra-fast consistent network for the best user experience


All assets bridged to BOMB Chain will be verifiable on chain for complete transparency

Multiple Utilities

Initially powering the BOMB Mobile App, the blockchain's ecosystem will expand through enticing builders with grants from Q3 2023

leveraging the best in web3 infrastructure

  • BOMB Chain is powered by Ankr, leaders in Web3 infrastructure. 
  • With globally distributed data centers utilizing a combination of Cloud and Bare Metal servers, BOMB Chain benefits from the best in reliability, redundancy, and decentralization. 
  • Ankr’s expert team have played a vital role in the deployment of BOMB Chain including its infrastructure, custom block explorer and liquid staking solution. They’ll also play a key role in supporting BOMB Money’s ongoing growth agenda.