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BOMBShell Monday - Sneak Peek at Blüm Creative - It's Almost Launch Time

Sneak Peek at Blüm Creative – It’s Almost Launch Time!

Hey Bombers and Blümers, Last week we shared progress on the Blüm web3 app itself, which we’re happy to say is now 99% complete!  The only thing left is to add the additional staking options and it will be good to go.  The next, and most important step, is to have a welcoming and easy-to-understand […]
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BOMBShell Monday - Blüm Is Growing

Blüm Is Growing

We’re going to keep today’s Bombshell short and sweet…  Very sweet!  We continue to work around the clock on all aspects of Blüm: The website, the app, the smart contracts, and the marketing.  For those that may have missed it, we gave an overview and sneak peek of the upcoming website on our most recent […]
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Bombshell Monday - Blüm is about to spring to life

Blüm Is About to Spring to Life

There’s so much to be excited about here at BOMB Money!  We’re just a couple of weeks away from our game-changing app launch which will redefine the way people use DeFi.  Blüm Finance Website and Design Update  Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey as we worked hard to get the perfect brand […]
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BOMBShell Monday - Introducing Blum Finance

Introducing Blüm Finance – The Future of Crypto Staking

It’s the first day of spring, and what better day to introduce our new brand – Blüm Finance!   We’ve been working tirelessly alongside a marketing and branding agency to rebrand the Bomb Money app to something more approachable, trustworthy, cutting edge, and innovative. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Blüm Finance, the safest and […]
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BOMB ShellMonday - Taking our app to the next level!

Taking Our App to the Next Level

We continue to work 24/7 on the new app and we’re excited to provide the following updates to show how close we are to launch and how amazing this will be for our users!  Improvements To the App Continue – ALMOST READY!  Firstly, we are going over the entire user experience with a fine-tooth comb […]
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BOMB Shell Monday - A New BOMB Money Experience

A New BOMB Money Experience

Things are really ramping up for our upcoming app and we’re getting close to the exciting day we’ve all been waiting for – Launch Day! An Entirely New Bomb Money Experience As mentioned in last week’s BOMB Shell Monday, we are working on a brand-new user experience for our app that will allow anyone on […]
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