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BOMBShell Monday - Introducing Blum Finance

Introducing Blüm Finance – The Future of Crypto Staking

It’s the first day of spring, and what better day to introduce our new brand – Blüm Finance!   We’ve been working tirelessly alongside a marketing and branding agency to rebrand the Bomb Money app to something more approachable, trustworthy, cutting edge, and innovative. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Blüm Finance, the safest and […]
BOMB ShellMonday - Taking our app to the next level!

Taking Our App to the Next Level

We continue to work 24/7 on the new app and we’re excited to provide the following updates to show how close we are to launch and how amazing this will be for our users!  Improvements To the App Continue – ALMOST READY!  Firstly, we are going over the entire user experience with a fine-tooth comb […]
BOMB Shell Monday - A New BOMB Money Experience

A New BOMB Money Experience

Things are really ramping up for our upcoming app and we’re getting close to the exciting day we’ve all been waiting for – Launch Day! An Entirely New Bomb Money Experience As mentioned in last week’s BOMB Shell Monday, we are working on a brand-new user experience for our app that will allow anyone on […]
BOMBShell Monday - BOMB Money - The Final Days Before Liftoff

BOMB Money – The Final Days Before Liftoff!

We have some very exciting updates just around the corner, all leading to our long-awaited (but we guarantee it will be worth it) massive marketing campaign kickoff! Let’s jump into it.  BOMB App Redesign & iOS Update  First, we know many of you, along with the entire BOMB Money team, have been anxiously awaiting the […]
BOMBShell Monday 02.20.2023 - Partnership Updates and Our New Focus Already Paying Dividends

Partnership Updates and Our New Focus Already Paying Dividends

Let’s start with the alpha! We are actively pursuing talks with potential partners that will massively help our ecosystem.  Bullish times ahead!!!  BOMB Chain PARTNERSHIP UPDATE  We are currently in talks to have BOMB Chain listed on a large cross-chain swap sites and are also working on integrating an easy launchpad solution.  The launchpad will […]
BOMBShell Monday - A new path forward for BOMB Money

A New Path Forward for BOMB Money

We are very excited to announce a change in focus for BOMB Money – one that promises to benefit every aspect of the ecosystem!  One of the main changes will be our externally-facing focus on the BOMB Money mobile and desktop apps.  We say externally-facing because our team is still entirely focused on BOMB, PHUB, […]
BOMB Shell Monday - Big Things Coming for BOMB

Big Things Coming for BOMB! CZETH, More Staking Options, and Seed Round Funding 

A Technical Analysis of the BOMB Chart  Aside from all of the great things we have planned for BOMB with both BOMB Chain and the mobile app, for those familiar with reading charts, there’s a possible opportunity from a purely technical analysis (TA) point of view!  It’s common for markets to maintain a range the […]
BOMBShell Monday - Introducing BOHM & The BOMB Squad

Introducing BOHM and The BOMB Squad

wen iOS? We’re all eagerly waiting for the iOS version of the BOMB Money mobile app to be approved, and we have some good news on that front.  We’ve said “SOON” a lot lately, but we’ve heard directly from Apple – Aaron completed a live phone interview with them regarding the app, which all went […]
BOMBShell Monday - Mobile App Ad Campaign Kicks Off - Time for BOMB & PHUB to Soar

Mobile App Ad Campaign Kicks Off – Time for BOMB & PHUB to Soar!

Marketing Kicks Off  We’re very excited to kick off our marketing campaign for the BOMB Money mobile app! As mentioned in our most recent YouTube AMA, we’re proceeding with a “soft launch” of the campaign which will target Android-only users for now as we await the iOS version approval. On that note, Apple finally got […]
BOMBShell Template - Making Money on BOMB Chain + BOMB Money Visa Card

Making Money on BOMB Chain + BOMB Money Credit Card

The crypto market is once again bullish and it’s just in time as we start rolling out BOMB Chain and the BOMB Money mobile app!   Marketing Update With Bitcoin hovering around $21k, FOMO is starting to kick in and there’s lots of bullish sentiment throughout the industry!  Could the timing be any better than coinciding […]