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Stop Getting Rugged! How BOMB Money Uses Risk Management To Keep Your Funds Safe

Stop Getting Rugged! How BOMB Uses Risk Management To Keep Your Funds Safe

The implosion of FTX, one of the world’s largest centralised crypto exchanges, has sparked a new focus within the crypto industry on the importance of risk management and transparency.  As the COO for BOMB Money, ensuring we have a robust risk management framework and governance model is one of my top priorities. In fact, my […]
BOMB Money Blog Post - What is LP Bonding?

What is LP Bonding?

What is LP Bonding?  LP Bonding is an exciting new offering from the BOMB Money team that incentivizes users to sell the protocol their LPs in return for discounted BOMB tokens. These LPs will support us in building protocol-owned liquidity. Having a large protocol-owned liquidity pool is integral for the success of any DeFi protocol, […]
How the PayPal "Send you funds first" scam works and how to avoid it - BOMB Money Blog Post article with PayPal and Bitcoin Image in the background

How the PayPal “Send You Funds First” Scam Works and How To Avoid It

I had a BOMB Money community member reach out recently and they were wondering how they could get scammed if they received funds via PayPal first.  They shared this conversation they were having with the scammer: First of all, at this point it’s safe to say that 100% of anonymous DM’s you receive should be […]
playing the bombchain launch

Playing the BOMB Chain Launch – Directly from Founder/CEO Aaron Shames

Learn trading tips from founder/CEO Aaron Shames leading up to and beyond the launch of the game changing BOMB Chain!
The Math Behind 100k PHUB

The Math Behind a $100,000 PHUB Token

Don’t have time to read the full article?  Here’s what you need to know: PHUB has a very limited supply of 10,000 tokens and benefits from buybacks from protocol revenue. The launch of BOMB Chain and our revolutionary BOMB App will bring significant inflows to the ecosystem increasing the price of our share tokens. Higher […]
BOMB Money - The Path to Becoming the Largest Crypto Staking Platform in the World

BOMB Money – The Path to Becoming the Largest Crypto Staking Platform in the World

It’s been two months since we published our comprehensive strategy outlining how we’ll become the largest & safest crypto staking platform in the world.   Since then, we’ve been consistently delivering at pace and despite challenging market conditions we’ve continued to innovate and create new ways to generate wealth for our investors. We’ve also accelerated the […]
BOMB Money - 4 Things to Avoid When Investing in DeFi - Featured Image

4 Things to Avoid When Investing in DeFi

In any new industry, there are bound to be pioneers who blaze the trail and help define the landscape. The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space is no different. But as we learn and grow, it’s important to remember the mistakes of the past.  We’ve all heard of DeFi protocols that have scammed their investors in various […]
Cream Yellow Geometric Meet The Team Instagram Post (857 × 470 px)

Meet the CEO Aaron Shames

We’ve decided to start a blog as a way for you all to get to know more about Aaron Shames, founder, dev, and CEO of The PegHub Ecosystem, along with contributions from other team members.  We’ll be discussing all things crypto, views on market trends, discussing groundbreaking projects, and much more.  Of course, we’ll also […]