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BOMBERS – We are back and it feels amazing! I’ve got a lot to announce, and even more work to do, so I’m cutting straight to the point. Progress Update: Everything is flying!  As I type this, B2SHARE just crossed over $100, and BOMB peg’s over 0.9! LFG BOMBERS – this is just the beginning. […]
New Farm Launch

Make BOMB Great Again! New Farm Launch

BOMB Money introduces new changes: a refreshed website, updated Boardroom ready for action with less BTC needed to peg, new farms, and a strategy to ensure the project's success and growth.
Stop Getting Rugged! How BOMB Money Uses Risk Management To Keep Your Funds Safe

Stop Getting Rugged! How BOMB Uses Risk Management To Keep Your Funds Safe

The implosion of FTX, one of the world’s largest centralised crypto exchanges, has sparked a new focus within the crypto industry on the importance of risk management and transparency.  As the COO for BOMB Money, ensuring we have a robust risk management framework and governance model is one of my top priorities. In fact, my […]

BOMB Chain Lock for 600% APR, The Media Frenzy Continues, BOMB Chain + App Update

Want some free BOMB?  Check out our new Bonus BOMB program! There’s still time to lock your BOMB tokens to earn even more BOMB on our upcoming blockchain, BOMB Chain, launching January 9 ‘23.  You can lock your BOMB for 90 days and redeem up to 250% at the end of the lock term. This […]
BOMB Money - 4 Things to Avoid When Investing in DeFi - Featured Image

4 Things to Avoid When Investing in DeFi

In any new industry, there are bound to be pioneers who blaze the trail and help define the landscape. The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space is no different. But as we learn and grow, it’s important to remember the mistakes of the past.  We’ve all heard of DeFi protocols that have scammed their investors in various […]

Mobile App + BOMB Chain + Single Staking = Success earlier than planned! 

  Our mission is to become the largest crypto staking protocol in the world by 2025.  Some of our core goals for Q3 2023 are looking to be ready before the end of 2022!  It’s cost me a lot of nights of sleep, but it will be worth it for everyone!  WAGMI LFG!!  The biggest […]
Cream Yellow Geometric Meet The Team

Meet the CEO Aaron Shames

We’ve decided to start a blog as a way for you all to get to know more about Aaron Shames, founder, dev, and CEO of The PegHub Ecosystem, along with contributions from other team members.  We’ll be discussing all things crypto, views on market trends, discussing groundbreaking projects, and much more.  Of course, we’ll also […]