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BOMBERS – We are back and it feels amazing! I’ve got a lot to announce, and even more work to do, so I’m cutting straight to the point. Progress Update: Everything is flying!  As I type this, B2SHARE just crossed over $100, and BOMB peg’s over 0.9! LFG BOMBERS – this is just the beginning. […]
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New Farm Launch

Make BOMB Great Again! New Farm Launch

BOMB Money introduces new changes: a refreshed website, updated Boardroom ready for action with less BTC needed to peg, new farms, and a strategy to ensure the project's success and growth.
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BOMB & PHUB Status and Direction 2024

Summary I’d suggest reading the whole announcement, but for those short on time – here is the TL;DR: Going back to what worked in the past. Trying new things, quick releases. PHUB revitalization with new use cases, more reasons to own it. BOMB with 1,000,000:1 peg will be the focus, while the next fork is […]
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BOMB Shell Monday - Blüm Finance is Blooming!

Blüm Finance is Blooming!

We’re excited to report that our marketing efforts over the past week have garnered nearly a MILLION unique impressions! This has translated into 500+ hot leads, with 150 savvy investors claiming a Free Stake Position enroute to joining the Blüm family.  As you know, one of the biggest hurdles in DeFi marketing has always been […]
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The Latest from Blüm Finance: Crypto Market Update and Exciting News!

The Latest from Blüm Finance: Crypto Market Update and Exciting News!

Firstly, with the recent minor market pullback we’d like to touch on the current state of the cryptocurrency market. Despite occasional volatility, which is quite natural in such an innovative and rapidly evolving sector, the market continues to exhibit remarkable resilience and growth. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many of the top altcoins have shown sustained upward […]
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BOMBShell Monday - Exciting news for Blümers & BOMBers!

Exciting news for Blümers & BOMBers!

Today marks a blossoming milestone for Blüm as we unfurl our fresh, new campaign-specific landing page! These pages are hyper-focused on the Free Stake Position offer which in our limited test sample has been converting at an incredible 7% rate.  With that, we are now ready to launch our official marketing campaign across social media, […]
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