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BOMBERS – We are back and it feels amazing! I’ve got a lot to announce, and even more work to do, so I’m cutting straight to the point. Progress Update: Everything is flying!  As I type this, B2SHARE just crossed over $100, and BOMB peg’s over 0.9! LFG BOMBERS – this is just the beginning. […]
New Farm Launch

Make BOMB Great Again! New Farm Launch

BOMB Money introduces new changes: a refreshed website, updated Boardroom ready for action with less BTC needed to peg, new farms, and a strategy to ensure the project's success and growth.

BOMB & PHUB Status and Direction 2024

Summary I’d suggest reading the whole announcement, but for those short on time – here is the TL;DR: Going back to what worked in the past. Trying new things, quick releases. PHUB revitalization with new use cases, more reasons to own it. BOMB with 1,000,000:1 peg will be the focus, while the next fork is […]
BOMB Money Blog Post - What is LP Bonding?

What is LP Bonding?

What is LP Bonding?  LP Bonding is an exciting new offering from the BOMB Money team that incentivizes users to sell the protocol their LPs in return for discounted B2SHARE tokens. These LPs will support us in building protocol-owned liquidity. Having a large protocol-owned liquidity pool is integral for the success of any DeFi protocol, […]
How you could get 1 Bitcoin for just $1,500 with the BOMB Money Bonus

How you could get 1 Bitcoin for just $1,500 with the BOMB Money Bonus

Learn how to take advantage of the BOMB Money bonus offer to maximize your position ahead of the highly anticipated BOMB Chain launch! In celebration of the highly anticipated BOMB Chain launch, we’re offering incredibly lucrative returns to investors who lock BOMB for 90 days. The current reward tier allows you to claim 2.5x your […]

BOMB Chain Lock for 600% APR, The Media Frenzy Continues, BOMB Chain + App Update

Want some free BOMB?  Check out our new Bonus BOMB program! There’s still time to lock your BOMB tokens to earn even more BOMB on our upcoming blockchain, BOMB Chain, launching January 9 ‘23.  You can lock your BOMB for 90 days and redeem up to 250% at the end of the lock term. This […]
playing the bombchain launch

Playing the BOMB Chain Launch – Directly from Founder/CEO Aaron Shames

Learn trading tips from founder/CEO Aaron Shames leading up to and beyond the launch of the game changing BOMB Chain!
The Math Behind 100k PHUB

The Math Behind a $100,000 PHUB Token

Don’t have time to read the full article?  Here’s what you need to know: PHUB has a very limited supply of 10,000 tokens and benefits from buybacks from protocol revenue. The launch of BOMB Chain and our revolutionary BOMB App will bring significant inflows to the ecosystem increasing the price of our share tokens. Higher […]
BOMB Money - 4 Things to Avoid When Investing in DeFi - Featured Image

4 Things to Avoid When Investing in DeFi

In any new industry, there are bound to be pioneers who blaze the trail and help define the landscape. The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space is no different. But as we learn and grow, it’s important to remember the mistakes of the past.  We’ve all heard of DeFi protocols that have scammed their investors in various […]