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BOMBshell Monday - BOMB Money and Ankr, A Match Made in DeFi Heaven

BOMB Money & Ankr, A Match Made In DeFi Heaven! 

BOMB Chain To Be Powered By Crypto Giant Ankr  In case you missed our most recent AMA (you can always rewatch them on our BOMB Money YouTube channel), we had some pretty massive news regarding BOMB Chain.  BOMB Money will be integrating with Ankr, a top 100 crypto and one of the largest companies in […]

PolyPegs Now Live, New Governance Vote, and Another Contest!

PolyPegs Ahead of Schedule  We’re excited to announce that the PolyPegs website is now live one week ahead of schedule!  You can now check out the site and start planning your entry into our Genesis Farms, which begin October 24th at 4pm UTC and will run for 24 hours.  For those of you familiar with […]

The BOMB Money Brand, PolyPegs Summary, and Introducing the BOMB Referral System!

Back to Our Roots with the BOMB Money Brand  You’ll notice that we have been shifting our brand and marketing focus to BOMB Money.  There are many reasons for this, the most important of which is the marketability of the BOMB brand.  We received a lot of feedback from people not familiar with crypto that […]

Mobile App + BOMB Chain + Single Staking = Success earlier than planned! 

  Our mission is to become the largest crypto staking protocol in the world by 2025.  Some of our core goals for Q3 2023 are looking to be ready before the end of 2022!  It’s cost me a lot of nights of sleep, but it will be worth it for everyone!  WAGMI LFG!!  The biggest […]
Cream Yellow Geometric Meet The Team

Meet the CEO Aaron Shames

We’ve decided to start a blog as a way for you all to get to know more about Aaron Shames, founder, dev, and CEO of The PegHub Ecosystem, along with contributions from other team members.  We’ll be discussing all things crypto, views on market trends, discussing groundbreaking projects, and much more.  Of course, we’ll also […]